In Search Of A Research Paper Outline Example Format

Writing a research paper is a very important skill for all learners. Therefore, it is important to master it. Otherwise, it won’t count towards your pursuit for excellence in writing your paper. In that case, the format of writing a high quality research paper is well defined. If you have challenges with your research paper outline format, don’t worry because there are professionals who are willing to give you guidance. Writing a research paper doesn’t have to be that complicated. You only need to get the help of an expert and then you will be ready to write a high quality paper. Writing a coherent paper requires good organization of thoughts and ideas concerning the topic of study. To achieve this, you need an outline that will guide you in making meaningful discussions and conclusions.

A research paper outline format is a standard way of organizing your paper in a way that can be assessed and evaluated according to the set criteria. Each section is allocated certain amount of marks and if this outline is not followed, the evaluator may not know how to distribute the marks. Therefore, you may end up losing a lot if you are not keen to follow the recommended research paper outline format. The general outline of a research paper should be as follows:-

  1. Introduction: This is where you introduce your chosen topic. Make sure the reader knows what you are talking about. In this section, it is very vital to come up with a thesis statement. This is a statement that gives direction to your paper. Under the same chapter, write about the background of your research, the aims and objectives of the study and the significance of your study as well.
  2. Literature review: a good research paper outline format should have a literature review section. This is where you discuss findings of other researchers and highlighting the study gaps that you intend to cover up in your current study.
  3. Research methodology: research papers are conducted using different approaches. You could be using primary research methods of administering interviews or using secondary research, which involves the review of written literature alone. Therefore, it is important to explain how you will collect data and information for your research paper.
  4. Discussion and representation of your findings: in this section, you should discuss the results of your study. Explain in detail what you have been able to gather from the field or from the review of literature sources you have used. After that, you can proceed to present the information in charts and graphs.
  5. The last sections of a research paper outline format must contain, recommendations for future study, the summary and conclusion sections. Therefore, make sure that these are listed and written in that order. After that, list the references you have used in your paper.

Knowing how to write a good research paper is very important. With a good outline, you can successfully develop a high quality study paper. Here are helpful hints for writing a high quality research paper outline for your assignment.