A Comprehensive Guide To The Format Of Title Page In Research Paper

In any kind of writing, the title carries significant weight despite it being the shortest part of the work. When writing a research paper, the title should be a brief description of the entire content. It should be kept precise yet elaborate in such a way that the reader can make an informed guess of what the paper entails. Preparing the title page should get as much attention as any other section of the research paper. This is because it acts as the head to the paper and it has to make enough sense to the reader. There is a specific format for the title page of a research paper that has to be followed to bring out the theme of the research.

The format of research paper title page is supposed to be simple but catchy. The main objective of this page is to arouse the curiosity of the reader. Everyone who loves reading can attest to the fact that if a title does not get their attention they’re unlikely to read further. A captivating title is therefore very necessary in writing a research paper. Students should be aware that the tutors always do a keen analysis on the title page with regard to the rest of the paper. If something does not add up in the title, the tutor picks a negative attitude and their judgment might not be fair. The following is the general format of research paper title page.

The elements in this page are;

  • Title of the paper
  • Running header
  • Page number
  • Name of author
  • Name of institution or institutional affiliation

The standard guidelines include

  • A font size 12 Times New Roman
  • Double-spacing
  • One inch margin on left, right, top and bottom on every page

Depending on the institution, there could be additional rules or instructions on how to present the title page. However, regardless of the institution, there are non-negotiable rules that govern every kind of writing. Some fonts are considered formal and should always be used when doing academic papers. A research title page should be as catchy as possible yet formal enough to pass for an academic paper.

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